MyPolice meet the locals take three!

February 8th, 2011 § 1 comment

We went from Glasgow to Kinross to Milnathort to Auchterarder and back to Glasgow. Another full, rewarding and exhausting day putting the site into action.

Local post office sporting our poster

Local post office sporting our poster

Our second impressions of this part of our pilot area? When we meet people who have never had an interaction with the police they immediately think they have nothing to say. When we explain more about MyPolice it is always the case that everyone does have things they feel strongly about in their local area but they would never bother to pick up the phone or tell the police. They don’t think their opinion is important enough.

Also, we noticed that when first ask the question about interacting with the police many people associate it with negativity and respond with things like ‘I’ve never been in trouble before’, only after further explanation do they open up to all the positive interactions they have had such as getting their bike stolen or being in a car accident when the police were there providing a good service.

It’s really clear from all the conversations we have had that if someone has had a really poor experience with the police and they don’t have a channel to feed that experience back it’s not that they don’t like the police – they just loose faith in the service.

The team on the road once again!

The team on the road once again!

The most inspiring thing about this trip was the local knowledge we uncovered. In a matter of minutes people open up and tell you real details about where trouble happens and who is causing it. It is undeniable there is sometimes a sense of reluctance from people when it comes to sharing their email address – this has really pushed our thinking around having two routes into MyPolice; one for direct feedback and one to simply say what you think.

Oh, and of the forty people we spoke to – none of them were on twitter.

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