The increasing use of social media by the police

March 17th, 2011 § 0 comments

Lauren Archell, a journalist from Bournemouth University has released the results of her recent exploration into police and social media:

“You may expect to see a status update on Facebook or Twitter from your friends and family but what about your local police officer? This could soon be the norm, as police services throughout the U.K begin to embrace social media and new technologies in a bid to increase engagement with a different section of the public. But with the release of the Winsor Report and talks of cutbacks of millions of pounds, could social media also provide a cost effective method of interaction?”

Lauren’s work includes an interview with DCC Gordon Scobbie telling “The Tayside Story” and a feature on the future of social media focusing on MyPolice and Balance Your Bobbies. We also hear insights from the tweeters Nick Keane and Christine Smith. Also, Lauren has put together a valuable interactive map of what forces are online in the UK.

Police who tweet

Police who tweet

Last but not least, there is a chance for readers to comment and answer the questions

1.Do you think that funding and resources should be given to help to increase the use of social media within the police service?

2.Do you think the police should embrace social media and technology to engage with the public?

No prizes for guessing what MyPolice think the answers we’ll leave it up to you…

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