MyPolice visit the HMICS

May 10th, 2011 § 0 comments

This morning we visited the HMICS team in Edinburgh. They are very keen to explore how MyPolice can add value to the work they do around inspecting policing. This gets particularly relevant when considering their ‘Duty of user focus’- involving the public in inspection, including how they do it and what they inspect.

Clearly there are questions around the role of the HMICS in relation to MyPolice. For instance should the HMICS use MyPolice to directly engage with the public or should the HMICS encourage forces to use MyPolice to engage?

We see big opportunities for this collaboration. We have visualised one idea in the image below….

The HMICS want to involve the public in their inspections

The HMICS want to involve the public in their inspections

Other avenues to we intend to explore are the HMICS:

// adopting social media as a communication tool
// using MyPolice as a recovery tool when their findings have a negative impact
// influencing their inspection process around how individual forces perform
// gaining feedback on all their publications

The team admit they struggle to get feedback on their reports and the reality that…

“It’s very difficult to quantify public perception beyond the people who turn up to community meetings every week”

The team are interested in finding out how often the public feedback and when. They are currently based on the Scottish Government website that is of course has a very official presence and a corporate brand. We had an interesting discussion around the analysis of the data MyPolice collects at both a strategic and tactical level. Perhaps we can learn from the National Intelligence Model and look at  strategic ways of analysing information and bringing partners in to analyse it together. We are excited about continuing this conversation and echo the opinion of an HMICS team member …

“MyPolice could add value to everything the HMICS does”

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